Altea Solutions is a French company for technical assistance, inspection, surveillance and corrosion expertise:

  • The energy
  • The Oïl & Gas
  • petrochemicals
  • electric transmission networks
  • The structures
  • The buildings

We support the Plant Owners in monitoring their infrastructure to ensure their sustainability.

Our team

A team of specialists made up of experts to analyze the datas (certified FROSIO, NACE Level 2 UIC, BOSIET HUET and COFREND among others), of rope access and certified DGAC drone pilot (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile) .

We are trained to operate all types of missions in sensitive areas onshore and offshore from preparation (installation, Risk Assessment, work permits) to delivery (delivery of raw measurements and / or analysis via our experts).

We are committed to implement the necessary means to ensure the safety of structures and people at the work sites.


Our added value

With the strong increase of the drone market caused by the growth of the use of digital datas and the use of high precision tools for professional use, Altea Solutions can make available its drones in France and all around the world.

An innovative service that combines accuracy, timeliness, efficiency and transparency in the industrial expertise.

Up to 90% savings on your inspection missions!

The drone is a considerable asset in the mission of control and inspection for exponentially increases the effectiveness of risk controls:

  • Reduced downtime of equipment and facilities inspected,
  • Easy access to dangerous and difficult places,
  • Shorter timing and duration of inspections,
  • Reduced costs of rental equipment (eg lifts, scaffoldings...) and staff,
  • maximum safety of people,
  • Develop skills in not enough explored areas (Atex),
  • Better monitoring of pathologies with georeferencing datas.


Our drones are equipped with GPS RTK for better positioning accuracy (+/- 2cm) and sensors to avoid collisions, cameras that provide recordings in 4K (ultra high definition), thermal camera, environmental probe and equipment for DFT, etc ... for the execution of services of:

  • Monitoring the state of conservation of your facilities,
  • Thermography Study of commercial and industrial buildings,
  • Status and site supervision in order to know the progress of work.

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Our eco-responsible approach

Sustainable development concerns all of us, every day. 

A little invention can contribute to help us to take care of our planet.

Our company is focused on the future and tries to fit better in the environment in which it operates.

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Altea solutions is ISO 9001-2015 and MASE certified.
Altea Solutions adopts environmentally responsible approach by innovating to reduce its environmental impact.
As part of our mission, we provide assistance to energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, risk for operators and tracking pollution.
Altea Solutions can provide you the solution for monitoring your facilities and to ensure their sustainability.

About Us

Company of Technical Assistance, Inspection and infrastructure monitoring for corrosion issues

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Contact Informations


328 avenue de Fronton

Tél:  +33 5 61 17 31 01
Fax: +33 5 61 27 93 14


58 route départementale 817

64170 LACQ
Tél:  +33 6 75 89 09 09
Tél:  +33 6 87 02 55 33

Openning hours

Mon - Fri: 9.00 - 18.00 
Sat - Sun: closed

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