Corrosion is a major industrial problem: the cost of corrosion, which covers all means of struggle against corrosion, the replacement of corroded parts and direct and indirect consequences of accidents due to corrosion is estimated at 2% of gross world product.

Every second, these are some 5 tons of steel that are transformed into iron oxide.


The aim of the inspections is to verify that the equipment was well protected and its survival is assured.

We produce destructive and/or non-destructive inspections but also shooting photogrammetry, 3D modeling, geotagged views.

Equipped with high-end sensors (4K), our drones can respond to all situations to capture the most rewarding images. 
On the ground or in the air, we implement an efficient professional equipment and the objectives are suitable for all situations. We can also embark on our drones specific sensors such as a thermal camera to your building inspection work, infrastructure, solar panels ...

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Society of Technical Assistance, Inspection and surveillance infrastructure in the fields of the fight against corrosion

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